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Study on Air Traffic Controller (ATCO) and Engineering Staff (ATSEP) Social Issues and working Conditions

In 2019 the EC ordered a study which should highlight the situation for the ATM sector, the issues ATCOs are facing and how this will change in the next 15 years or more, given also the age pyramid, recruitment requirements, training, automation and evolving skills required for ATM personnel.

The study was commissioned by DG MOVE under the Service Contract MOVE/E3/SER/2019-431/S12.813754.

The study has been carried out by the research organisations TNO and NLR.

The study include several in-depth case studies on the present situation in a number of EU Member States. Relevant trade unions and professional staff organisations were being involved in the study.

The research was performed in following ANSPs : 

LFV, DFS, Skyguide, DSNA and ENAIRE

Please find the slides of this study as well the final report